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With a heavy emphasis on service, Builders' General Supply Co. offers building professionals and homeowners with more than just fine building products such as Marvin Windows and Doors. We include our expertise with every order to ensure the maximum value from the vast capabilities, countless design possibilities and endless combinations that Marvin has to offer. Discover the beauty and innovation of Marvin.

We pride ourselves on helping homeowners and homebuilders realize their dreams. That’s why we’re dedicated to the success of every project we supply. Discover how we can help you realize your vision.

An Award-Winning New Spin on a Classic

The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung from Marvin is a classic reinvented. This window sets a new industry standard for operation, performance and design as it seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with Marvin's legendary craftsmanship. Chosen at the 2015 International Builders' Show (IBS) as the winner of the prestigious Best of IBS Award in the Window and Door category, the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung masterfully combines the traditional double hung aesthetic with an innovative hardware system, intuitive operation and modern convenience. The Next Gen family has also been expanded to include a round top version with picture and transom units, as well as a Stormplus® hurricane rated window offering for coastal regions.

With Marvin's Award-Winning Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, you get a traditional-looking window that is anything but traditional.

Transform Your Next Project

Discover the wide-open possibilities of Marvin’s NEW Ultimate Multi-Slide Door. Spanning up to 50’ wide and 12’ tall, the Ultimate Multi-Slide is Marvin’s largest door ever! Elegantly designed to maximize daylight openings and views, the door is as smooth to operate as it is dramatic to behold. The Ultimate Multi-Slide comes in a variety of configurations including pocket door panels that disappear completely into the wall or a stacked-panel configuration, offering the ultimate in design flexibility and unbelievable, wide-open views.

Boasting an unrivaled lead time of six weeks and an unmatched U-Factor of 0.28, this door will truly transform your next project.

Learn more about the Ultimate Multi-Slide and Marvin’s other Scenic Doors at http://www.marvin.com/marvin/doors/scenic-multi-slide.

The Mark of an Original

No one does custom the way Marvin does. Historical replication, niche projects, commercial brawn, modern minimalism; there is no challenge that will not be considered, no engineering feat that cannot be accomplished.

At Marvin Signature Services, the most gifted craftsmen are partnered with some of the best architects in the industry to solve the toughest challenges and create the most beautiful solutions. From conception to completion, if you're going to put your name on it, the Marvin Signature will be there, too.

Learn more about how Marvin Signature Services met customers' unique challenges in the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_gPYg2FwLk.